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Hey there, I’m Arjun! 👋

I help B2B software companies (think Shopify, OpenPhone, Loom) grow through long-form content. I’ve worked with small businesses and large teams. But hey, I created this space so I don’t have to brag.

Scroll down to see my past work and what my clients say about me.

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Ray Slater Berry | DSLX

As a business owner, I particularly admire Arjun’s ability to work independently, manage time well, and stay organized. You can give him a task and ideas, a detailed brief or just a title and he’ll run with it. If you’re a SaaS business looking for a top-notch writer, I’d highly recommend Arjun.

Sindoora Iyer | Editor, Shopify

I worked with Arjun as a subject matter expert for content on eCommerce finance. Right from day one, what set Arjun apart, was his absolute professionalism. He showed up absolutely prepared, having done his research and even putting together a few suggestions for topics we could start with. He was able to deliver an excellent piece that fit the brief perfectly and required minimal changes. He was also very proactive in taking up more activities than we’d planned. Never had any issues with delayed timelines, and never had to follow up because he would be ready on or before time with the deliverables.


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Finn Bartram | Editor, Black and White Zebra

It’s been an excellent experience working with Arjun. He uses just the right amount of humor, great examples to articulate his thoughts, and checks all the SEO boxes. As an editor, I greatly appreciate that I barely have to edit his work and he’s a great communicator and easy to work with.

Susan Anderson | Editor, Capitalism

Arjun is one of those dream freelance writers every editor wishes for… creative, thorough, engaging articles that are a breeze to edit. With the volume of content production I oversee, I’d smile each time one of his pieces came up in the queue because I knew it would be a great read and be publish-ready. I highly recommend Arjun and look forward to working with him again and again.

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